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    A free Slim Business Card PSD template.

Slim Business Card

A Free PSD Template file that allows you to create realistic mockups of your business card designs. 3 seperate editable PSD files from different perspectives, allowing you to present your designs. Smart object layers allow you to simply double-click the layer thumbnail, copy and paste your designs then click save. Editable layers so you can customise your design, background colour or add in simply add in your own.

March 2016
Jan-Alfred Barclay

Visit here to download: Here


Licensing Terms

*Free for commercial and private use. 
You may modify this PSD to your liking to suit your project, however I am not legally liable for any improper misuse. 
I greatly appreciate any credit or any attribution or link to janalfredbarclay.com
This template may not be sold or re-sold to any third license parties. 

Any questions please email: hello@janalfredbarclay.com

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