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The Bumper Book of Marmite 
These illustrations were commissioned by Absolute Press for The Bumper Book of Marmite.

The first three illustrations form ‘An Abuser’s Manual’, a guide to the many and various ways one can 'creatively abuse' marmite. Ideas include licking it off your date instead of taking her out for dinner, sticking birds to fences with it to create living sculptures and turning mongrels into pedigrees with a few artfully placed blobs.
The next three illustrations depict marmite-inspired gestures of love, including running your loved one a nice hot marmite bath, lovingly stroking marmite into her hair and smearing a patch of marmite onto her favourite white bikini bottoms.
The third set of illustrations suggest creative uses for your old marmite jar, such as lawn bowls, a night-light holder and a goldfish bowl.