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    Changing the face of Bundy Rum,
Bundy Rum - Top Shelf Thinking
Changing the face of Bundy Rum, by giving brand quality credentials in a unique and bold way
Bundy was under threat from Vodka and Bourbon - consumption was flat, it had a bit of a fighting juice label, and people didn't think Bundy had as much heritage, authenticity, or quality like Jim Beam or Jack Daniels. Something was needed to drive re-appraisal and preference.

Bundy needed to stand forsomething with meaning to all Australians – we found this at the very origin ofBunderberg Rum. In 1885, seven Bunderberg sugar millers met at a local pub tosolve a problem. They were drowning in a waste bi-product from sugar –molasses. It was too costly to transport and too useless to sell. Theirsolution – turn the molasses into rum. An inspired act of ingeniousness thatsolved a problem and created a great social outcome, for a nation. Thisingeniousness was the kind of thinking that made Australia great and allAustralian’s aspire toward. The brands enduring purpose was clear – Bundy willbecome known for ingenious thinking.

This brand purposeinformed a new tone and character for the Bundy brand. Which was translatedinto an idea platform for the Bundy brand – TopShelf Thinking. 

The Millers campaign was a quality and credentials campaign, featuring the 7 founding fathers of the Bundy Distilling Co. Thesecharacters brought to life Bundy’s heritage of ingeniousness. 

The campaign highlighted the core authentic ingredient (molasses) to demonstrate Bundy has real quality,but it did so much more. It gave the Bundy brand a bold new tone of voice thatallowed us to leave some of its old baggage behind. The online content achieved almost 1 millions views in less than 1 month and was ranked in Youtubes top most viewed and most commented ads in 2010.

Lead medium TV, radio online content - youtube, social
TV - Favourable Lie
Outdoor - The infamous Millers, our foundimg fathers
Outdoor - The infamous Millers, our founding fathers
Apology 1 TV
Apology 2 TV
Apology 1 TV
Apology 2 TV
Outdoor - The infamous Millers, our founding fathers
Outdoor - The infamous millers, our founding fathers