The scale has three main elements which are combined in various positions to fulfill various functions. In the closing phase the container incorporates the central body of the scale while the supporting plate acts as a look to maintain the fixed structure. The portions of the folded floor which serve as the interlocking and stabilization of the plane with the spring in this case have dimensions less than the hole in the wall of the container. The plate has the ability to scroll smoothly. 

Design team:
Alessio Monzani, Kerman Gomez
The rim of the container that creates a bearing surface is in this case used as a stabilizing element in the contact area between the polymer and the metal of the scale. In this way the bath is stable in it's seat and allows to measure the granules
The mobility of the index used to calculate the weight of the tare, in this way can be used containers, defects different with respect to the container to which the balance is equipped.
The scale was designed to have a maximum capacity of 2 kg, the measure is guaranteed by the interaction between the index and the central area of ​​the body is deformed elastically. Thanks to the nylon wheel placed in the terminal zone the friction is limited, the surface portion extends linearly pointing the weight on the index.
The container has a pair of notches on the side walls, arranged in a mirror. Constitute an lodge in the case in which are measured types of long pasta, such as spaghetti or other long-limbed elements which would be uncomfortable to insert inside the container.
Functional prototype made in steel.