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    Concept illustrations for Daytona 500 custom helmets
Very current project here.  I was developing the look of these helmets in conjunction with Fox Sports for the 2016 Daytona 500.  These helmets were given to Michael Strahan and Ashton Kutcher.
For Strahan's helmet, I wanted to convey a very fierce and intimidating exterior.  It's like his football persona when he played.  Very intense on the field with the helmet on, but with it off, he's a really nice guy.  I tried to get into the life experiences of Strahan as far as his football career is concerned to make this helmet more personal and have there be some sort of connection.  That's why on the back, there is a circular graphic treatment.  The center is where he started football-Texas Southern University.  We then go clockwise to the NY Giants, then the Superbowl's Lombardi Trophy to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The Daytona 500 logo is below all of that and then on the very bottom portion of the helmet is a graphic of the NYC skyline.
For Kutcher's helmet, I made it more personal as well.  He's from Iowa and he was once enrolled at the University of Iowa-The Hawkeyes.  I've seen Kutcher at dual meets for Iowa Wrestling on the Big 10 Network(BTN), so I knew he liked college wrestling.  There are also 3 stars on the back.  Those stars represent a foundation that Kutcher and his brother(who has CP) have done a lot of work for.  That foundation is the Reaching for the Stars Foundation  http://reachingforthestars.org/
We showed him the helmet and the ideas behind what I was designing and he loved it.
More new work to come soon.