Laser cut made PMMA lamp
Table lamp, monolithic structure from simple angular geometry. It's composed f a central translucent body made on PMMA supported by a transparent thin base. Body and base fit into one another and the entire structure is fixed by a pin which connects both elements.

This project was made under some specific technical requirements:
- Maximun optimization of a PMMA sheet (50cm x 50cm)
- Use and optimization of the laser cut technology
- "Flat-pack" type of packaging
- Use of a standard bulb E27

Design team:
Alessio Monzani, Kerman Gomez
Maximun optimization of the PMMA sheet. The distribution shown on the image below allows to create the necessary pieces for two lamps from an unique sheet of 50cm x 50cm.
And this is the prototype made for testing the fixing method and the stability.