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This is a course project for SI 658: Information Architecture, School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Heuristic Analysis for
In this course project, we analyzed the information architecture of based on Abby Covert's IA heuristic standards. I was in charge of analyzing whether Nike website meet Covert's IA standards of communicative, controllable, and useful. I also designed the PowerPoint slides for the final presentation.

Skills: Heuristic Evaluation
In this slide you could see some of the communication problems at For example, I could not understand what "10C" stands for under "Size" menu. In the screenshot on the right, part of the description of the shoes run out of the screen. 
One useful problem was the lack of targeted information based on users' preference. For example, on Nike's gift page, there was no information about "gift" or "festivals", only ads of Nike's products. Compared with Walmart's gift website, Nike did not create an "atmosphere" for its customers, and reduced its useful and helpful level.