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    logo and company identity development
Energetic hope, inspiring bursts of possibility, glimmer of success. All of these words exemplify what Cornelia Schumacher, a licensed life coach in Germany, wanted from her logo. Her practice is for those who were looking to redirect their lives onto a path that made them more satisfied with their existence and provided them with more success in both their career and personal lives.
"Change begins with the first step" was the quote my client provided me with to create a design that conveyed this message to her potential clients. I explored numerous possibilities in keeping the emphasis on the 'first step' of Cornelia's program. The final design encases this quote and further expands on it's inspiring and motivational meaning. 
It is a project that is still in progress because I am also designing such pieces as a letterhead, a website banner, parking signs, and a letterbox label. 
In this project I have learned to work with clients internationally without the face-to-face interaction and a language barrier. It has become a very rewarding experience for me to work with a real client who expects great work and who keeps me flexible to her constantly changing mind.
 Business card
Office signage
Below, are many instances of the progress that it took to the final process. I usually sketch everything out on paper to begin with and then transfer everything to Adobe Illustrator.