Sephora is one of the mostrenowned makeup stores that through its quality service and extensive varietyof products has earned worldwide recognition opening over 280 stores in the USalone. Its iconic black and white palette and repetitive monochromatic stripeshave become a classic signature that stands out anywhere a Sephora store islocated. The brand itself, exemplifies luxury, class, and most of allinnovative interactive service.

The PAVE’s Student Design Competitionis based on designing a pop-up store that not only represents the client’selegant image, but also provides for a practical and functional spaceintegrating the use of modular systems that fit into any standard 1,000 sp. ft.spatial configuration. The store design planning category, challenges thestudent to design a 1,000 sq. ft. space that speaks the clients language andoffers the experience of the makeup retail withoutthe permanency of the complete Sephora store.
Concept Sketches.
Concept Model.

Sephora Pop-up Store Concept Statement

The intension of this design is to create a pop-up storethat emphasizes the iconic image of Sephora with a careful consideration inpracticality, adaptability and demographics. Due to the nomadic character of the pop-up store,the design can be adapted to different settings for a unique user modification. Anintegration of multimedia kiosks, makeup stations, and display areas willimprove the experience of the overall space.

Using simple lines as guiding element for thestructural and modular design, the store is designed for quickassembly. Monochromatic finishes are vital to the overall ambience attributedto the cosmetic label. These materials were selected to speak to the sleek character of Sephora’sdesign brand. Overall, the design provides easy way finding and visual access to allproducts which aid the user in achieving an effortless transition throughoutthe store.

Thepop up store makes use of Sephora’s iconic stripes as the main design guide toorganize its visual appearance and its structure. (A) On one of the mainfacades, a recessed Sephora logo welcomes the users with its soft glow providedby back lighting inside the wall panel. (B) To further promote ourclients brand image, the check-out area features a Sephora bag display as backdrop as well as faster service by providing pre-packaged bags. (C) Perpendicular to thecheck-out backdrop full height storage provides easy access and control of theproducts, and serves as another opportunity for more logo/ signage.