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    Children's Medical Clinic - Sio Port, Kenya 2012
"Manner of Dress"
ISMS Operation Kids - Sio Port Clinic, Kenya 2012
 Writing as the official photographer for ISMS Operation Kids, I believe our recent medical mission to Kenya proved even more successful with our first mobile clinical team created. The team consisted of two pediatricians and one advanced family nurse practitioner. Our team treated over 350 patients in 3 days. The most common diseases seen and treated were malaria, ringworm, scabies and malnutrition, ear and eye infections. Some of these infections were so severe that there was potential for loss of sight and hearing if they were not treated properly and immediately. The clinical team was equipped with the necessary antibiotics and various medications to ensure successful treatment for the children. Our team also taught health education and disease prevention.

SioPort sub-district Hospital is located in western Kenya (Busia County) in the Samia district just off of Lake Victoria. This hospital serves a patient population of 200 patients per day, a large number of which are children and women. The hospital is run by a visiting doctor, and supported by a clinical officer and a few nurses. They are very under staffed and medication and supplies are scarce while the population that surrounds the area is extremely poor.

Dr John Walsh (ISMS Operation Kids) visiting the patients that have waited hours to see him.
Pro. Julia Ojiambo "The Mother of Samia". Clinical stakeholder for 30 years. PHD in Public Health and Nutrition.
For the team’s second mission in a row to Kenya, I was again touched by the strength and determination for survival of these beautiful people. The mothers and children always wore their best outfit to the clinic and made us delicious meals in appreciation. I will never forget the culture, conversations and stories about their lives. The soulful eyes and smiles of these people will remain a perpetual imprint on my mind forever.

Special thanks to Leica Camera