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    A Response to a article by Dean Allen. Article: http://alistapart.com/article/readingdesign

• What does it mean to approach your work as "written," rather than "assembled"?

According to Dean Allen, a designer will benefit from following Warren Chappell’s example and approaching his/her work as though it has been written rather than assembled than assembled. I think that is great advice.  As a graphic designer, I’ve learned that typography and how you represent words is a very important part of the design process. I, like many others, had this mindset about that all graphic design was about a mechanical portion of the design, learning new tools, where and how to assemble things on the page, etc.  I took a class at MC, called Graphic Design I where I was instructed to mostly focus on the design of typography. I’ve learned that the words are an equally important part of the design as the rest of the content. Dean Allen suggested great advice; “read what you are designing, and imagine reading it for the first time, like someone who just found it”. I think that is the first step toward success in your designing career. What I am learning is that everything in your design is supposed to have unity and flow in an aesthetic matter, as well as a design that presented orderly and in a well-constructed manner.  

• What are other skills you have that you can bring to your design process?

I am an open minded individual. I am open to new ideas and am willing to learn how to be a great graphic designer. I am willing to learn from others. I am very creative and have an excellent imagination. I am also an organized individual; I like to construct ideas in a logical order. I am still learning what my permanent style is in my design. I try to remember to plan a design before jumping into designing something.

• Have you ever created a design where the idea was more important than the content?

I think the closest example I can think of when I design assignments for my graphic design I projects, where our focus was on typography. We used words to describe verbs/adjective/nouns only using typography. Here is the example: