Dodgem Logic
Magazine / video / website
Last year I was commissioned to design and produce Alan Moore’s new underground magazine Dodgem Logic. The magazine was a Bi monthly publication which was distributed worldwide and contained articles from some of the worlds best writers and comics. Along side Jody and Alix from Hoax studios we had to design the E-commerce website to accompany the Magazine which was to reflect the style of the Mag with illustrations and quirky hidden extras such as a tarot card reader, a magic 8 ball which tells you your future and a day & night theme. I also produced 3 viral Adverts in the form of interviews with Alan Moore himself advertising the forthcoming edition of the magazine. 
Nearly all the artwork and graphic design was done in house, the odd artical was designed by the artical writers themselfs. Alan was very keen on letting people have their own ideas on what their artical should look like, that included designing it themselfs, with guidence from us. Having that ethos lead to us working alongside some huge names in comedy, art, film and music. 
We really got to understand all aspects of design and print on this project, vital knowlegde of print procedures, deadlines and layout were learnt by jumping in at the deep end and delivering a unique worldwide art magazine to large chain shops in over 20 countries bi monthly.  
We were given the oppertunity to Work with Alan on a number of his projects which you can see below. We also got given the challenge of comming up with the Cover for issue 8 along with 6 photographs to illustrate an 8 page artical form Alan Moore called The Possability Of Live On Another Planet  you can see this project in full on my page under the title The Possability Of Live On Another Planet. 
Issue 3 Cover, In collaboration with Alan Moore
Close Up
Issue 2 Cover of the 8 page comic book by Alan Moore. Coloured by us.
Issue 6 cover by us
A selection of pages from the 8 issues of Dodgem Logic Magazine
A selection of artwork from the Dodgem Logic website.
1st in the series of Alan Moore Interviews
2nd in the series of Alan Moore interviews
3rd in the series of Alan Moore interviews.
Credits: Jody Whittle & Alix Wallace