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    Nando's Vida e Partnership Collateral
Nando's - Vida e caffe
Nando’s, already synonymous with great quality chicken, teamed up with vida to give their customers the same amazing experience in their after-meal coffee.
These two brands with a passionately Portuguese heritage needed to come together under an identity that was equally representative of both. It turned out that besides their respective passions for their industries, they shared a brand colour. The idea was simple. Red.
In store, there is already a lot of collateral, many things going on at once, each demanding its own attention, so we had to devise a look & feel that would cut through everything else. We settled on a stark red and white graphic device comprising of Nando’s and vida elements.

The result was an eye-catching, graphic representation of the fiery passion shared by these two brands, own able by one as much as the other.