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Your Beautiful / Solo Show
Frankie, Fishy and  Zombie
Acrylic on Woodboard / 48" x 48"
Tom, Olsen twins & Paris
Acrylic on Woodboard / 8-14" x 16"

These pieces were my take on old Hollywood sci-fi icons that have been put through a kind of “extreme makeover” filter. The old and irrelevant transformed into what pop culture deems valuable; larger breasts, longer legs. “I’m interested in the discrepancy between reality and the altered reality that is presented to us through the media.” This works goal was to challenge western culture’s idea of beauty and the value that is placed on it by taking those images that are pushed on us and responding to them.

Some of the other pieces depicted Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson and Maria Carey. This work was about taking on celebrity culture and the values it promotes, such as the constant pursuit of fame at any cost. The 7 severed heads are celebrities who exemplify this drive. People whose only contribution to society is their own image; their only goal to become richer and more famous.