Designers Desk
Desk to suit the tasks of a designer
When first thinking about this desk before any sketches or cad had started I came up with a few features that I believed that this desk should have not only to compete with the many other desks out on the market but to enhance the work space for the type of user that would inhabit the space.
It needed to be movable, adjustable, free space to accommodate a computer or laptop, a space to sketch/draw and some storage space.

This is the final model in the closed position
This is the final model in the open position. The storage component would be used to store paper and pens and rulers would be stored on the side of the storage component.
The drawing component of this desk uses a mechanism similar to a heavy duty window might use, a fiction lock, this was used to minimise the mechanical component to the drawing desk.
The desk sits on two offset legs to minimise the chance of knees hitting the desk.
The drawing desk mechanism in the open position
This was one of the various earlier models, though further ideation sketching the storage unit was redesigned to have a door as to hide some of the messier items.
1:5 Scale model
Designers Desk