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    To conceive, design and produce an aesthetically tempting printed specimen with character that shows off the typeface. The purpose is: - to affo… Read More
    To conceive, design and produce an aesthetically tempting printed specimen with character that shows off the typeface. The purpose is: - to afford prestige to the type foundry, - to obtain notoriety through the specimen, - to give a present to people who buy the typefaces, - to promote the type foundry to design studios and agencies. Read Less
To conceive, design and produce an aesthetically tempting printed specimen with character that shows off the typeface. The purpose is:
- to promote the type foundry to design studios and agencies. 
- to afford prestige to the type foundry, 
- to obtain notoriety through the specimen, 
- to give a present to people who buy the typefaces,
Target: mainly graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishing houses, private individuals and people who buy text typefaces. 
About Bulo Rounded
Bulo Rounded is the best-selling typeface from the foundry. It is a warm version of Bulo, with rounded angles making it a bit softer. It was created with the idea of making a sweetened version of Bulo
Our proposal
Anarchy For Kids
10 graphic concepts to discover with your children 
For a more rounded and happy world
Today rounded typefaces offer an informal and friendly aspect, consequently we want to revive and to communicate the sweetened/utopic vision of the anarchist ideal (not chaotic or terroristic) as a way to change the human relations in the world.

The proposed solution
To make a picture book to share with children and adults alike, explaining the anarchist ideal visually, without a description, avoiding literal narration, so that each page provides more of a story that induce reflection. 
- it complies 100% with the briefing
- it shows the Bulo Rounded typeface at its maximum potential through visual concepts.
- thanks to its large size, it will make adults feel small - like children - with a book in their hands.
- to synthesise the values of the libertarian ideal typographically
About the content
We found a 1930's leaflet written by Jose Antonio Emmanuel, teacher and follower of Ferrer and Pestalozzi, who was responsible for promoting the International Anarchist Library (BAI in its Spanish acronym) in Barcelona in the early thirties of the last century. His educational brochures include “Anarchy Explained to Children” (1931), a fifteen page publication that gives an overview of what Anarchy means and how to achieve it, and which ends with a series of anarchistic postulates that needed to be put into practice for effective Anarchy: help; support; reproduce what is beautiful; toil; study; love; protect; cultivate; have no slaves; work.
“This leaflet is written to answer the question which some comrades have addressed to us: How am I to educate my children? This is a question we had been expecting and to which we will respond in keeping with the dictates of Reason and Science. Dedicated to the children of the world, we hope that these modestly written pages will guide our children’s education in a truly innovative direction. We address parents and teachers so that, both at home and at school, they will pass along the sound practices of an education where all fanaticism is banished, seeking to liberate childhood from the nefarious oppression to which it is subject. In a situation where many are to blame, education has remained bogged down in a state of stagnant servitude, from which it must be rescued and redeemed. Let these brief pages be a stimulus to all.”
J.A. Emmanuel. Anarchy Explained to Children. Barcelona. Ediciones BAI, 1931.
The project
Help. ​Never stop listening to the ones who are fighting like you, the ones who suffer like you. They are your brothers. Wherever you see a brother of yours, help him. Across the borders raised by privileges, reach out your hand to anyone who is a victim of today’s society. 
Support. To those who hesitate, fill them with courage, to those who despair because victory seems so far away, arm them encouragement. Helping each other is a sacred and universal duty.

Reproduce what is beautiful. ​Do not imitate the transient, the ephemeral. Banish all evils, push them far away from you; they are the legacy of human imperfection to which we are still shackled. Look beyond the chaos of ignominy; raise your eyes to the beauty of Life
Study. Let books be your best friends, your counsellors, your guides. We can never know enough. Those who gather science, gather anarchy. Investigate on your own; clarify the mysteries which surround you. Instruct yourself, educate yourself. This is the only legacy to leave in Life. 
Protect. ​Those who love much, help much. Protect the weak. The old, the disabled, the ill . . . the love that unites us is greater because they are weak. Remember that you could be them. Protect them! Think about those who are not with us; about political prisoners; because they fight for us, because they defend us, they do not have freedom.  Remember them! 
Love. A pure and humane love helps us to know one another. No matter how far, no matter how distant, every human being is loved by us.
Toil. ​All in nature is work, and your mission is to contribute, according to you strengths, to the perfection of this work. Do not resign yourself to being a servant of technology or a slave to muscle. Dignify your work, make it beautiful and pure. 
Cultivate. The land is your mother; the field is your livelihood. We will harvest the ripe fruit and plentiful crops that we cultivate. Let there be no barren land. Tend to the needs of the land, so that it will feed you and give you life. In the ideal world, sow ideas, spread thoughts, write and take action. In the real world, let the seeds fall on the fertile and well prepared land, which will make the grain bear flowers and fruit. 

Have no slaves. ​Aspire to be free and let the desire for freedom embrace all. Do not enslave anyone. Whether birds or other living beings, no one can be locked up without impunity.  Open the doors of all cages, cut the bars of all prisons, where – like the caged bird – human beings suffer and endure. Be free and make others free with you. Open the doors of your heart and let out all the evil ways, all the faults that have managed to slip in. Be free and be pure: do not have slaves or become a slave. 
Work. Work and live, that is what Anarchy tells you. Before you were told: work and pray. Forget about the prayers, leave them behind. There is only one prayer you should never forget: that of Life. Work for the good of Humanity, to bring about an end to pain, to bring about an end to suffering, so that the bitterness will go away forever.  Be happy in a happy world. Be free in a free world. 
Credits: Client: Tipografies.com - Jordi Embodas.  Concept & Design: Bildi.  Art Direction & Illustrations: Agnès Simon, Martí Ferré.  Prepress: Veronica Roy.  Text: J. A. Emmanuel.  Translations Ampersand.  Print Nova Era.  Paper Munken Pure 270-gram for the interior and 300-gram for covers. Print-run 500 copies. Special Acknowledgement Richard Hayden
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