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    The portrait of Kim Seok-chul
Kim Seok-chul(金石出, 김석출. 1922-2005) was one of the greatest masters of the Korean shaman music of the east coast. (Dong-hae-an byul-shin-gut, 東海岸 別神巫) This shaman music was designated as the intangible asset No.82-1 by Korean government when he was a leader of the east coastal shaman musicians’ group. So he was the first artist who got qualified as a Human Cultural Property of Dong-hae-an byul-shin-gut. He was very good at Tae-pyong-so (太平簫, 胡笛. Korean clarinet) and Janggo (or Janggu, 杖鼓. Korean drum) so honoured by not only many Korean traditional musicians but also modern artists, Japan musicians and others. The Austrailian jazz drummer, Simon Barker, was also fascinated by his music so he visited South Korea seventeen times over seven years to meet Kim Seok-chul. Barker’s friend, Emma Franz, who is a jazz singer and an indie documentary film director, recorded his journey in the film <Thank you, Master Kim>(2008).

The reference of photo for this painting is from the film and this work was tutored by JoongWon Jeong. (https://www.facebook.com/joongwon.jeong)