"Garden of artifice" by Crajes for Concepta
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    3d Mural, "Garden of artifice" by Crajes.
"The garden of artifice" by Crajes for Concepta
This has been our first collaboration with fashion industry and we wanted to create something new for us.The idea was to create three of our femmes with a different dress for each made of various materials: Paper (origami dress), handmade flowers and lace.
The name for the project was not at random. We searched inspiration from movies, characters or stories to create the design for the dresses. Then we got the word "garden". This word evokes nature, flowers, animals, ... but also also brings us to mind more meanings closer to fashion world, like "The Garden" of Epicurus also The Garden of Earthly Delights or Garden of Eden."Artifice" on the other hand , is the opposite of natural, that is the ambiguity we were searching for.
We live painted a bicolour skull with really detailed ink work that continued on "La Nuit" Chair by Concepta.
Concepta also brought Agata Olek and Chupet Negre to work on their chairs.
getting ready for the mural:
Creating the mural: