British Interactive Media Association
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    The British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) have been representing the interests of UK digital since 1985.
The British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) is the largest and longest standing digital network in the UK. With a membership extending to several thousand digital professionals, the organisation works to enhance the prospects of everyone working in UK digital. BIMA has changed a lot in recent years and their identity was no longer fit for purpose. Only were commissioned to re-think BIMA's positioning and inform a new direction for the organisation.

Over a period of weeks we developed a new positioning for BIMA, at the centre of the UK digital industry. We created a digital first brand to underline their confidence, professionalism and commitment to excellence. At the heart of the new identity is a responsive framing device. Conceptually representative of the top corner of a screen, the red frame can flex and adapt to fit any given application and serves to unify BIMA suite of house brands.