Problem Statement
Currently, the greenhouse system is time-intensive to monitor with a manual refresh to see the current state of indoor and outdoor temperatures, lighting, and heat added. The system has parameters set to trigger alarms, but no push-method for alerting the user remotely. Our goal is to design a self-aware system that reduces the monitoring load of the user and provides alerts to important condition violations. Greenhouse operators need to be notified of significant events such as equipment failures, sudden changes in atmospheric parameters, and deviations from user-set optimal plant growth trends. 
Functional Needs
The user should be able to:
- See the current temperatures (indoor and outdoor)
- Adjust the temperature set point
- Switch between celsius and fahrenheit for temperatures
- Receive alerts when sensory data is outside expected bounds
- Receive alerts when equipment is damaged - specify the equipment
- Set the parameters for triggering types of alarms
- Set how often they receive alerts
- Set how they receive alerts (text or email)
- See historical data
- Filter data based on time frame, location, etc.
- See an idealized trend in some specified parameter
- See the deviation of the current trend from the optimal trend for growing crops
- View a log of previous alerts and trends
- Set boundaries on amount of power used (heat added)
- View real time energy costs
User Roles 
- admin (can make changes)
- standard user (can’t make changes)
Information Requirements
- Presence of an alert
- The inside and outside temperature
- The humidity
- Energy usage
- Heat input and output
- Reading from photoreceptors (lighting)
- Status of the sensors (working/ not working)
- Simulated heat amount
Design Overview
Dashboard: Pictorial aerial view of greenhouse gives operator general status of units with more specific details if desired
Unit Overview: Humidity and temperature values are displaced in a linked bubble chart for time period specified.
Alarm Preferences: Operator or manager can set the threshold ranges for humidty and temperature, as well as select method of communication.
Alert: Message overrides other screens if the values significantly deviate from expected or desired ranges.
Remote Communication: System alerts the operator of important alerts via text message and/or email.
Previous Design Iteration: Previous verison of the unit page with secondary layer for graphed values.
Security: Log in screen for different users with varying levels of permission.
Greenhouse Interface Redesign

Greenhouse Interface Redesign

Redesign of a greenhouse interface for easier remote monitoring and analysis.