Of Mice & Men Artwork
In the 2015 year, I worked on an art project for the band Of Mice & Men, and today I'm going to show you the process from the idea to the final result.

The first step of any creative process was preparatory. I gathered information about the band, its history, and present activity, and became closely acquainted with the music and lyrics.  

Usually the lyrics, pronounced band’s features, and biography details are the key to the most creative and uncommon design decisions. My goal was to embody the band’s music in a visual appearance and make the artwork stick to admirer’s memory.

As for me, I was fascinated by the black and white video clip on the "Never Giving Up" song and its lyrics.

The steps:

1. I took the time to complete the process of gathering useful info for the OM&M’s project from the very beginning. 

Attentive listening to the songs gave me an impression of lyrics’ message, and I wrote out a list of my associations. They were both words of real material meaning and the abstract notions. 

Here comes the next step of creating the artwork: thinking over the composition. With some simple shapes, I modeled the potential appearance of the final design; it’s important to know how the design will look in general. 

I’ve decided for the classic vertical rectangular shape. I was going to diversify the artwork with a figured frame with a circular hollow at the bottom — it would be perfect for the logo.
2. At this step, I already had the approximate list of objects that would be appropriate for the artwork in my mind. 

I created many sketches to feel the character and nature of the objects, experiment and explore them.
3. It was time to draw a pencil sketch that would become a prototype of the clean copy ink artwork. 

I decided to put a shell into the artwork because it was a memorable symbol from the OM&M album Restoring Force, so the shell would be a graphic continuation and allusion to the band’s recent history. 

The artwork contains many natural floral elements, they are a sign personifying human physical and mental strength, and at the same time, they are like chains and fetters, treacherous and twofold, insensibly binding and restraining. 

A combination of the dead (animal and human skulls, bones) and alive (flowers, fire, butterfly, spider) elements is a key for showing the life’s interdependence. 

A knife (that is also a part of the artwork) can be used for the sake of good or evil, depending on the intentions. 

A sand glass presents as a symbol of elusive time and twigs of a tree at the background as a symbol of the neverending growth of human personality and aspiration for overcoming any obstacle, for freedom.
4. Creating pencil sketch of original A3 size on a clean copy paper sheet:
5. To achieve a detailed elaboration and refined complexity of this artwork, I used ink liners of various widths, numbers from 0.05 to 0.5. 

This is the final result of thousands of tiny ink hatches and dots.

6. The final touch is creating a new version of the logo for this particular project. Usually I don’t work with logos, but in this case, it’s necessary to achieve a harmonious uniform look of the artwork and the band’s logo in general.

The work proceeded to the final, digital part. 
7. The final step was scanning and editing the artwork and the logo lettering into the Adobe Photoshop. 

I removed the accidental garbage from the pencil strokes and made the design look clean and perfect.

The details:
It’s really useful to make some mockups to see how the design looks like on a t-shirt.
That's how I worked on this project - thanks for your attention! :)
Of Mice & Men Artwork

Of Mice & Men Artwork

The merch artwork for band Of Mice & Men. Black and white ink drawing. Creative approach to the logo. The process of creation from the idea to Read more

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