Engage player review - Video has been never more profit
We all be aware that these days, nobody can stay without video. Making it approach to our daily life since the actual dawn of television, videos can be purchased whereever you go, both in big screen in squares or on your computer. People make use video while they see fit: vine, commercial
advert, animated presentation and so with. It’s now considered the most successful medium to provide the message to the general public. As science show, video, comparedto sms, is 50 times more faster for getting anyone to grab the thought. How incredible it is. Because of this feature, people around the earth have resorted to video since, as said above, texts are very expensive. Everyone with a camera and also a computer can make a online video media, but not all of them can make money from it, and even if they may, the task still remains tough.

How to make a profitable video is currently officially the most frequently enquired question among designers. If you might be also striving for the answer, allow me to guide anyone through Engage Video, your fantasy realizer. My Engage Video review below will all you have to on the way to rake throughout through video.


Engage Player is a Video Engagement tool designed to boost engagement, conversions and of course Optins. The great software is riddled with leading edge technologies. Nowhere will you look for a better tool for blogs, sites, membership & squeeze pages.


Engage Player functions are almost identical in all packages. I will respectively show you what you will really able to get in each on of them. The first package’s called The front End, including basic features with regard to Engage Player Review. What’s awaiting you inside will be as followed:
Free choice of Video:

Anything you can take, via YouTube, Vimeo to your individual MP4 files. There is no limit whatsoever to the source of your videos. Most of us accepted even Amazon S3 published videos. See anyone this large?

Video Overlay:

The popular feature from most subtitles and karaoke software has become available in Engage Player Review. You possibly can place pictures, characters, clickable buttons & optin forms on the videos, making it more methodical and much better to grasp. Symbols if added will represent a catalyst to strengthen the actual bond between creators and watchers.

With Page Content Display:

Like your feature you often on Vimeo videos, this function allows you to set time to your information, make it appear at a moment nobody can refuse to watch. Build your page into any dynamic one around timestamp of the videos.

Intelligent Playback:

The many intelligent feature til now. Don’t bother your clients rememberingwhere they leave off using whatever sort of bookmarks, intelligent playback presents the hand-free experience, where your audience has either resuming or starting it anew.

Brilliant Reveal:

Another feature intelligent enough being have ‘intelligent’ added to it's name. Video already displayed from now on will be on display whenever people pay another stop by at the page.

Drag & Decline Builder:

As robust and efficient being an iPhone. Designed with the self-teaching concept in your mind, this function lets even the least experienced beginners benefit from their video without any problems.

Content Locking:

Once you are tired of your audience’s generosity, why don’t put a bit of compulsion into your page to generate watching video a habit? “Lock” your articles to show who is manager and increase engagement and unlock after having a duration of choice to present your gratitude.

Intelligent Pause:

Automatic motion sensor built in Engage Player. Every time your user starts up new tab or scroll the video outside the screen

Unlimited Players:

The sky’s this limit. Have as many engagement as you want. Never worry about the volume of players anymore engage player bonus.

Robust Video Options:

Sometimes it’s the video settings that confuses you essentially the most. This features gives you the usage of loop setting, control hiding as well as auto play mode.

Intro & Outro Video lessons:

Intro/Outro is now new standard for every video, of course only just in case you want to make money from the jawhorse. If you are not familiar to this skill, let Engage Player finish it for you personally. Adding Intro & Outro has been never easier, be it an existing video or original piece of content by you.

Email Integrations:

Willing to link your video to approximately 10 email responder. Don’t similar to auto-responder services? Employ your personal rawHTML code.

Content Animation:

Entice audience with new content toon. Packed with more then 12 animations, everything is at your order Engage Player Bonus.

Robust Styling Options:

It’s vital that you have your own video type so people will realize that from miles away. Engage Player with Robust styling take your video to another level for each “Engagement Point” with options of typography and element styling.


It all comes to reporting to know what your location is at the moment. It can be no use decorating your video clip without know where it goes. Report about engaging time for any player, make comparison in term of time engagement throughout all videos as well as date.

OTO1 (Premium plan):
The upgrade from basic Engage Player is OTO1. You have all the basic features from the fundamental pack plus Video search, thrust to Facebook Tab, save researches.
OTO2 (Enterprise Plan):
If a number of search option more are not enough, we have another on within our arsenal for you, this period plus White Label Solution and also Integrations.
Engage player review - Video has been never more profit

Engage player review - Video has been never more profit

Having a video but not how to make the most out of it, financially of course? Let Engage Player do it so your hand will be free to pick fruit fro Read More

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