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    Best Hostels In Amsterdam
There are lots of great places to stay in Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful city full of picturesque streets and parks and canals. And if you have a lot of money to spend on your vacation great! You’ll have your pick of elegant, world class hotels. However, if you don’t have much money to spend on­ a hotel, but still want to have a pleasant stay in the city, there are some budget options for less-than-wealthy travelers. Amsterdam hostels tend to be centrally located, giving visitors to the city access to many of its most interesting locations and sights.
Even though there are plenty of relatively inexpensive or cheap hotels in Amsterdam, to find one that is right for you can require some research. You have to know what to expect from a cheap hotel in Amsterdam and also choose the location properly. Some of cheap Amsterdam hotels are quite decent and located in the center of Amsterdam nightlife or close to tourist attractions. Here is my pick of one and two star hotels for budget travelers to Amsterdam.
A hostel is an obvious choice for budget travelers. Perfect for young people and backpackers, hostels offer a bed for the night at the cheapest rate possible. With a hostel, you’ll generally get a single bed in a shared room for anywhere from 20 to 40 euros per night. There are all kinds of hostels in Amsterdam, and most of them are located in the Red Light District. If you’re looking for a calm, relaxing visit to the city, a hostel is probably not the best choice. If, however, you’re looking to experience the city for as little money as possible and want to meet lots of like-minded travelers, a hostel might be a great choice. Amsterdam hostels are particularly good, and are a lot of fun to stay in.