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A film exploring Jamaican Identity
This is the project I had done for my Final Assignment whilst attending the Edna Manley School of Visual Art, here in Jamaica.

This is artwork revolved around the beginning stages, and up to the point where I decided on a name for the project. (circa 2010-11)

The project is one that seeks to explore the concept of Jamaican identity, in hopes of culminating different perspectives and give the young people of Jamaica(myself included) a path along which they can define what it means to be Jamaican. It all started as an assignment, but it is something I hope to continue

In the early stages I had come up with the concept of "Bottling" different words that embodied or represented the concept of  Being Jamaican
After Changing the logo to something more 3D, I then explored working a "question mark" into the logo, as an attempt towards a "jack in the box"
I re-worked the concepts and layouts until I arrived at this stage. The final stage for the posters