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    ABS Census 2011 - Spotlight communications campaign. Scott worked on this as part of the strategy leadership team at Leo Burnett, Sydney.
ABS Census - Spotlight
Turning Census participation from obligation into desire  
We needed to transform participation,from obligation into desire, with focus on Gen Y.

Appeal to people’s need for control – in a way that personalizes andshows that Census helps individuals to shape the future. We created Spotlight. Which brought individual data to lifein a way that let you explore animated visualisations of the data, personalizedto each user – it showed who you are, where you live, where you’re from, toillustrate the part we all play in the Census, in shaping the future ofAustralia. This made it feel less like an obligation, more like a worthwhileaction to inform and improve Australia. Once you’ve finished, the site builds you a sharable infographic,customised by some of your basic information.

Over-representation of Gen Y participation,Census was the top 3 most discussed topic in Facebook in 2012. 

Lead channelsocial and digital, with TV, press, outdoor, radio
Website Spotlight
Spotlight personalised sharable infographic