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    Stealth with Haldane Martin - Johannesburg Art Fair – 57 x 54 x 87cm 12 unique chairs Chemically etched black anodised aluminium
Stealth Chair
Chair Design: Haldane Martin
Acid Etched Artwork: Givan Lötz
The Stealth Chair with its military aesthetic of a stealth bomber, highlights the ambiguous relationship we have with aggression. It calls to mind the arms deal fiascos, and premonitions of a potential ‚war of all against all‚ as the planets resources dwindle and climate change batters our fragile economies. On a personal level it is a expression of an inner gesture of defensiveness and armouring. Masculine assertiveness and appropriate aggression, which our modern culture condemns, is embraced. Certain values need to be protected and even fought for. Or do they?
Stealth Chair is scarred by patterning informed by military camouflage, a device founded by nature used to disguise both predator and prey. In Stealth Chair the discernible form and colour on which camouflage relies is fractured, undermined, obscured. When we camouflage the camouflaged we disguise our aggression with yet another defence mechanism, covert passive aggression. In this sense Stealth Chair's strategy is hyper defensive, ironically attempting to reach fulfillment in a way which precisely prevents it. Game over.