The Manhattan Bridge and the New York City Skyline - By Vivienne Gucwa
New York City - Through The Lens
I have favorite streets and places. They haunt me in all the best ways. They represent the New York City in my mind. Everyone seems to have a different version of New York City in their mind.

My version was formed early on, a result of falling in love with a combination of streetscapes in classic cinema, futuristic sci-fi city environments in literature and film, and years of traversing New York City on foot.

These streets tug at memories I haven’t made yet while yanking at memories I treasure from the deep recesses of my mind.

Here are some glimpses into the New York City of my mind.


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Heart of It All - Looking Down East Broadway - By Vivienne Gucwa
 Timeless - The Empire State Building and the New York City Skyline -  By Vivienne Gucwa
 In Another Time and Place - Canal Street - Chinatown - New York City -  By Vivienne Gucwa
The Seduction of the Sky - Chinatown - By Vivienne Gucwa
Dream Sputters - Bow Bridge in Winter - By Vivienne Gucwa
Slick With Promise - By Vivienne Gucwa
In Dreams - By Vivienne Gucwa
On Rainy Evenings Like These - Chinatown - By Vivienne Gucwa
The Brooklyn Bridge - By Vivienne Gucwa
Night Visions - By Vivienne Gucwa
Suspended - San Remo - Winter - Central Park- New York City - By Vivienne Gucwa

 These City Streets - By Vivienne Gucwa
Steel Arteries - The New York City Skyline - By Vivienne Gucwa