Blossom (completed)
Project authors: Nika Vorotyntseva (Nika Vorotyntseva design & architecture bureau)
Location: Kiev
Project Area: 83 m2
Year of realization: 2015
Photographs: Andriy Bezuglov  
First challenge that we faced with working on this project was monolithic bearing pylons randomly located all over the apartment. As a result, we used them as a zoning elements. Genuinely partitions in this place just a few, the space division was provided by the glass sliding door systems and fabrics drapery.
Pylon in the common area separates the living room from the kitchen and was covered with mirrored panels. Such solution helped us significantly expand the space and disguise massive pylons in reflections.
One more unique feature of the area is a ceiling height - 3,6 m.. It provides us an opportunity to feel a lot of air and boundlessness despite of narrow rooms.
Originally, in apartment's layout, access to the balconies with panoramic windows had small doorways. The natural solution was to combine rooms with balconies, allowing natural light to fill the space and discover stunning views of downtown and the old botanical garden.
Considering client needs the priority was given to the big bathroom near the bedroom. As for kitchen, it was very small and uniting with living room made it a great space for the home parties.
Certainly the most bright accent that sets the tone for the whole interior and gives it femininity - an artistic mural based on creativity Flemish painter Jan van Hёysum. Saturated color, lively expression - all fascinates in this panel.
Compared with the main wall the rest color performance of the interior much more quiet, but no less original. King-sized sofa in the loggia with panoramic views of the city creates an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. At the same time, the original chandelier in several storeys in the living room adds greatness to all atmosphere.
In the project, minimalistic design solutions are combined with classical, active color elements with neutral and gray tones. Because of this balance, the interior turned out to be laconic, harmonious and very original.

Blossom (completed)