Mock Coldplay Album Cover
Minimalist. Designed using only shapes and colors.
The assignment was to create an album cover for any band. I quickly settled on Coldplay’s Viva la Vida album, since the band as well as the album have always been favorites of mine. Since the original cover depicted a painting commemorating the July Revolution of 1830, I decided to recreate a graphic minimalistic representation of the iconic Viva la Vida military jacket and preserve the revolutionary undertone which is featured dominantly in the lyrics. 

The polygons on the jacket are dagger-like to echo the violence and danger involved in revolutions. The shape of the polygons also embody the shape of marimba bars, which is an instrument featured heavily within the record.

Even though the cover was supposed to be a "jacket", I included a single sleeve to convey a larger story. The narrative did not end at the cover; it was merely a snapshot, a point in time, a dynamic capture of an ever-evolving individual in a constantly shifting war.

The sleeve allowed the viewer to imagine an arm and hand that continues outsideof the frame. It also creates tension and uncertainty regarding whether the revolutionist would seek peaceful means or violence.

In the end, I wanted the entire album cover to be a sort of uniform which included both the jacket and the sleeve. I wanted the cover to distinguish itself as a uniform for revolutionaries regardless of what they are fighting for, and the songs on thealbum to be the theme songs to that battle.