• Party of Me
    Brett A. Withjack

    Below is a series I created called "Party of Me." It was a final project for a class called "Photoshop for Photographers." I originally wanted to do a long exposure with a few flashes of light to capture the person in the same image more than once.... But the class was called photoshop for photographers, and I'm a lazy college student. I'll just use photoshop instead :D So when trying different techniques, I only wanted to include 2 or 3 of the same person in a single photo, but what was the fun in that? I felt the need to go overboard... So the first one I shot is the second photo down. There were a lot of objects in the scene so I figured, why not have the person be interacting with all the objects, or even himself for that matter? After shooting a bunch of photos, I then took them all into photoshop, cut them out, added some shadowing, then dropped them all into an empty scene. The results were pretty cool and humorous. I enjoyed how they turned out, and now to share them with the world!  -Thanks!

    If you don't appreciate this, that's cool. I do however appreciate your time!

    Note: They are not in any particular order, however, I did attempt alphabetical.
  • Party of Justin
  • Party of Brett
  • Party of Cody
  • Party of David
  • Party of Hannah
  • Party of Intan
  • Party of Brice
  • Party of Jenna
  • Party of Jesse
  • Party of Julie
  • Party of Rich
  • Party of Ryan
  • Party of Steph
  • Party of Amanda
  • Party of Bill
  • Party of Me