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IS Creative Studio / business cards 2nd edition

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business cards 2nd edition
These are the 2nd edition of our business cards for the first edition made on January 1st 2010 click here.

Business card design for our studio. The brand name IS stands for “Ingrediente Secreto” (secret ingredient) the logo it is covered by two black stripes, the design of the card had some covered words on the back as well.

Even though I like the minimal look I felt like it need a touch of colour but without making it feels as a corporate color, so I decided to add it on the sides of the card, for that I needed to find a super heavy weight paper.
I was lucky to be in Peru at that time and find a offset printer that can manage to print on a 480gr cotton paper that works perfect. The printer couldn’t paint the sides so I had to do it myself with an Pasche airbrush I had not used since school. After many tests the best look was a gradient effect on fluorecent pink and orange, some of them has no gradient, combining two sides orange and two sides pink, I played a little, it was a lot of fun painting them.

This project has received two of the most important prizes at Brand New Awards 2011:
Best of the Category, on Basic Identity Applications and Judges' Pick by Brett Wickens.

To see the new 3rd edition of the business cards click here.

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IS Creative Studio / business cards 2nd edition

IS Creative Studio / business cards 2nd edition

Business cards for our studio, painted manually with an airbrush, ombre sides with fluor orange and pink.