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I flew above everybody very fast using a bubble, because I was in ahurry to buy myself a bread generating plotter, like the one which is a bitsmaller then my fingernail, you know. Because for breakfast I have eaten onlytwo pills of milk and a one of eggs.For a second and a half I arrived at the “Screen Shop” at 008-th  street. But it was quite cold for sphere 5which I’m roaming in, probably that’s why we were all dressed in corian wires (thenewest fashion in our sphere).I roam back and forth along the streets of glass between the brightlights and I smiled - there were some dusty silent siluetes made of brick, abit sad looking amongst the shiny spheres around. ( I don’t move my legs toooften because of the myriapod implants. They move me only by thought). I triedto enter in the structure, bypassing some piles of brick, in order to throw aglimpse into the past, but I felt something strange. Everything started movingin a bit more agitated fashion. I sensed that my myriapods started runninguncontrollably and in a split second I found myself on 009-th  street (former General  Berdelot street). I remained speechless when I saw“the past” extend itself with some kind of enormous tentacles that grasp thelot which I find myself in. All of this came down on me, on the spheres of my imagination.The roots begin to open the space around me. They grew and spread above theroom. They moved chaotically and I felt the power with which they eat the airaround me…