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    A magazine project for Editorial Design's exam @ Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara
TERRA Bio Magazine*
A completely eco-friendly magazine
Terra Magazine is a completely eco-friendly magazine made for Editorial Design's exam in Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.
I made a real "green" magazine adopting some simple tips:
-it's mostly printed in Adobe Garamond and in 60% of Black in order to save ink.
-it's printed on 100% recycled paper
-it's available in electronic copy
-the articles support an eco-friendly lifestyle

Terra Magazine is presented inside a box made of cardboard,recycled paper and a REAL clump of grass traspondable in your garden,flower basket or wherever you want...

 On the back cover there are a QR Code and a link with wich you can dowload the electronic copy of the magazine..
 The magazine has a inner folder wich contains a CD with the electronic copy of the magazine and many exclusive "green" contents...
Here you can read and see my work...
 I Hope you enjoyed...
...and have left a comment :)