Original Creation Date: November 2013
I was assigned the task of coming up with the branding and identity solution for a ficitional company called Deep Green, a garden design and planting company. This assignment included creating a logo which would later be used for a tri-fold brochure and an animated advertisement. Before I began the creation of the logo I had to discover the target audience of the business as well as doing some research into its competitors. The logo that I created is easily recognisable by consumers, has a long lasting impression and brings strong feelings to mind to attract the consumer’s attention.
After doing some initial research online I have found an interesting PDF created by The Horticultural Trades Association in 2006 which states that more people have started visiting garden centres since 2002. Although garden centres typically attract higher class visitors rather than working class there is still some diversity in classes that attend. I had to take this in to consideration when creating the logo to ensure that it appeals to all. The PDF also states that women are more likely to visit garden centres although men still represent 45% of visitors. This was an important point to remember when creating the logo as I had to ensure the logo appealed to both genders. Contrary to popular belief, a large portion of the garden centre visitors are under 45 year olds. It is usually speculated that older people are the only people that visit garden centres, but this is not the case and so I had to ensure that the logo takes into account the interests and needs of all visitors.
Brainstorming & Conceptualising
I began my logo design process by first scribbling down some ideas and drafts on to paper. I sketched whatever came to mind and this included leaf shapes, butterflies, serif and san-serif typefaces and other various design elements and shapes. Basically just let my mind free!
I then opened up Adobe Illustrator and experimented with a range of type treatments, ranging from modern sans-serif to sophisticated serifs.
The next stage of the process was to develop various choices of type into draft logo concepts, basing some ideas on the initial sketches. Planning ahead to the brochure I knew that a fairly light colour scheme would be used, therefore I developed the logos on a white background to ensure they looked their best.
Final Logo
Animated Advertisement