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    A short animated video clip from Vodafone that speaks directly to the viewer using voice over and text.
Vodafone - Personalised Video

This project involved sending out a short video to Vodafone customers with a good news message. Everyone who was contacted was getting a free bundle of texts, calls or data, based on their usage over the previous months. Each person was addressed by name in the introductory voice over and via text during the animation.

Everyone was sent something for free - all they had to do was send a text message to activate the offering. If someone preferred to send texts, they were sent 100 free texts. If they made overseas calls regularly to family and friends they were given free international minutes, etc.

A DM version was sent out to a sample group and the video link sent out to another sample group in an effort to see which was the most effective.

I wrote the script and put together a storyboard with Dec Byrne. We then went into Beacon Studios where Keith Singleton read a lot of names into the microphone. The Illustrations were put together by Steve Simpson and then animated by Idomoo (www.idomoo.com) with art direction by Rob Frew.