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    Art Residence is a new design low-rise apartment complex, which is located in residential area in the center of Moscow just near by from Tverskay… Read More
    Art Residence is a new design low-rise apartment complex, which is located in residential area in the center of Moscow just near by from Tverskaya street. The client approached us with the wish to create a modern expressive identity and brand strategy to announce this product appearance on russian market. SmartHeart branding for Art Residence is characterized by a cool, contemporary style, high brand value, and exceptional combination of art & business attitudes. The concept of the project is an art as a part of lifestyle and business, symbiosis of functionality and state-of-the-art aesthetics, the unique opportunity to invest in art and business simultaneously. Art Residence visual identity continues the announced concept. The logo reflects an architectural element of the complex — yellow square, which is the part of architecture building. It reflexes the art component of the project, highlights the contemporary design of residential area and symbolizes superior space for comfort life. The art topic appears in the names of the buildings: Art, Biennale, Concept, Design, Etude, Form, Gallery, Harmony. The advertising brochure and web-site flesh out the main concept. The content is divided into 2 parts - Art & Residence - 2 completely different approaches and frames, which unites in one the main principle of brand concept. Art section releases the details of aesthetic aspect of the project (art & lifestyle), Residence section describes in details the infrastructure and all the advantages of investments in real estate. According to the main concept Art Residence is the first residential real estate in Moscow, which presents an art director as a main figure, who manages the cultural life of residents. He can clue residents in on going to the most preference events and receptions, give an advice on the concept of private party or provide an intelligent-design solutions to resolve the most complicated interior design. Read Less
Art Residence
Новый дизайнерский жилой комплекс премиум-класса в двух шагах от площади Белорусского вокзала. В основе бренд-концепции Art Residence — искусство как часть жизни и бизнеса, уникальная возможность инвестирования в недвижимость и искусство одновременно. Сайт не только рассказывает о проекте, но и позволяет посмотреть планировки и выяснить, занято ли интересующее вас помещение.

Что: сайт и мобильная версия
Клиент: Smart Heart

Майкл Гербер сказал: «Бизнес есть искусство угадывать будущее». Эта мысль нашла свое архитектурное воплощение в дизайнерском жилом комплексе Art Residence, где бизнес и искусство являются гармоничным дополнением друг друга.
Раздел «О проекте» поделен на две составляющие: Art и Residence. Блок Art раскрывает детали эстетической составляющей проекта (искусство и стиль жизни), блок Residence подробно рассказывает об инфраструктуре и плюсах инвестиций в недвижимость.
Креативный директор: Стас Окрух
Арт-директор: Юрий Михальченко 
Стратег: Иван Крюков 
Менеджеры проекта: Артем Митин, Анна Антонова 
Копирайтеры: Мария Желиховская, Анна Антонова 
Програминг: Александр Куксин 
Разработка: Doctornet