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    Identity and packaging for organic chocolate, Loving Earth

Loving Earth — Designing for international popularity
Loving Earth has been leading the Australian organic food movement since 2007, and although they had developed a loyal, cult-like following, their broader commercial cut-through struggled. With the organic industry cleverly aligning itself with the fine food market, we recognised the need to reposition Loving Earth. Starting with this strategy, my role was to over-haul the packaging and visual elements of the brand, whilst retaining the heritage and spirit of the brand. Creating a simple system, flexible enough to be implemented across new flavours and new ranges, we introduced a new visual language, full of personality. The success of this rebrand catapulted the brand throughout Australia and overseas, resulting in an ongoing relationship with the client for many ranges to come.
** Winner — Best Awards, 2016 **
** Finalist — AGDA Awards, 2016 **
Role: Art direction, design & strategic development
Creative Direction: Michaela Webb
Illustration: Florence Li Ting Fong & Talia Josie Heron

Work created at Studio Round, 2014 — 2017