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    Made during a photography course at Daugavpils University. Part of a series.
Subsistance minimum

Master's thesis, first semester
Translation: Subsistance minimum (in latvian lats)
Combination of photography and infographics is a result of curriculum requirements and my personal interests. Using common everyday objects instead of fancy graphics meant playing with a link between form and content, while keeping it simple at the same time.

Often sold on a lace, sushki (russian: сушки) is a traditional tea bread, that can also be conveniently worn around neck, making it easy to have a snack on the move (if you're a kid). However having sushki around your neck at all times makes it somewhat a burden.

Keeping up with the official government's subsistence minimum is very difficult or nearly impossible for a considerable part of population, leaving them officially close or even below the poverty line.