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    A series of posters for Awan tea in Beirut, Lebanon
Awan Tea 
Poster campaign
Brief: Lebanon does not grow tea, they import it from around the world. Each country brings a unique flavour to tea. Our key objective was to educate them of these unique flavours and tell them about the countries they are imported from.

Purpose: To engage the customers once they are inside the store. And educate them about the country of origin of each tea pack.

Design: Keeping in mind the Arab spring and the ‘wave of change’ that the Lebanese people demand, we created a campaign that brings inspiring stories from each country. These are real life stories that have brought about change in their respective nations. The design borrows from the culture and history of each country. The typography captures the essence of the story. Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market: The customers were in awe of the posters. They demanded that a poster be given along with each purchase of tea. Humbled by the public demand Awan tea gave out posters with a purchase of 1kg tea. Customers even began taking pictures of the posters and uploading it on facebook, this created lot of curiosity and increased footfall in the Awan store in Lebanon.