The Elyx Water Truck Boutique
Multiple Owners

T H E   E L Y X   W A T E R   B O U T I Q U E
Helping solve the global water crisis one Elyx copper pineapple at a time.
For 1.8 billion people (yes, billion) safe water is an unattainable luxury. For the rest of us, it’s literally on tap.
Absolut Elyx is a luxury vodka made with real integrity. But they believe it’s not enough to be made with integrity,
they must act with integrity as well. So Absolut Elyx partnered with Water For People, the global water charity,
on a five-year mission to bring safe water to 100,000 people, for generations to come. And they asked for our help. 
We had an interesting proposition: Let’s help solve the global water crisis one copper pineapple at a time.
So we created The Elyx Water Truck Boutique — a vintage truck we transformed into a bespoke
pop-up experience — and hit the road during the holiday gifting season. Its goal:
Spread hospitality and compel allpassersby to do the same.
Over nine days in NYC, LA and Miami over 5,800 guests stepped inside the truck to experience the eclectic
hospitality of Absolut Elyx firsthand. Inside, they enjoyed Absolut Elyx-inspired water cocktails and shopped the
Elyx Copper Pineapple drinking vessel — our modern interpretation of the symbolic fruit of hospitality. With each one sold,
the partnership donated a month’s supply (560 liters) of safe water to people who need it most.
The activation resulted in 350 Elyx Copper Pineapples sold, 258% over our goal,
which helped provide 2,226 people with sustainable access to safe water.

Executive Creative Director: Dan Chandler
Associate Creative Director: Ryan O’Keefe
Senior Art Director: Andre Gidoin
Designer: Thorbjørn Gudnason & Jessica Marak
Type Design: Thorbjørn Gudnason
Design Director: Verena Michelitsch
Producer: Oscar Pere & Kat Kim
The Elyx Water Truck Boutique
Multiple Owners