Huh, it's been a while since i painted anything exclusively in 2D, only textures for 3D. Actually at first i wanted to create this in 3D, but i had to realize, it would take A  LOT of extra work on Liz's hair, so i skipped LW, and jumped right into PS. ( i'll have to play with it for the animation tho... but that will be another story :) ). So.. here is a quick "making of".

First of all, a little explanation about the speedpainting video: i'll be sick from constant flipping and switching... literally, my head starts to hurt... okay i'm not getting seizure, but i don't like them :D So i cut out most of the vibrating stuff and the constant flipping of course. The whole footage is 8 hours long, but i lost 3 hours of painting... i thought i hit the hotkey and started to record, but naaaah... i started it when it supposed to be a stop... dummy :)

This was the first sketch:
Okay i had to try to play with her in 3D ( at least i was able to check out the lights )
Hehe, i know, Liz's face a bit different, so i closed LW quickly and went to PS. I think i made a few thing differently than it has wrtiten in the "big book", but you can check out my approach on a few things. So, after the sketch i started to paint the skin tones. ( the color base was Liz's skin)
About her hair: endless paint strokes :D But i must mention one thing: the hair isn't a smooth, there are little breaks and stuff all over the hair. So the hair got a pattern overlay, to break up the (otherwise) even strokes a little bit.
And the result:
And her mouth.. this was a challenge! I tried to play with the lights in LW and checked a few referencies (obiously). But it came out niceley.
The reflection is also rough and not smooth on a mouth, here is a bit detailed explanation about how i solved this issue:
The eyes: same issue; uneven reflecions, not as rough as on the mouth, but really-really subtle. And it is also reflects the eyelashes! Small, but important detail.
And the skin: details,details, details. After i was ready with the main skintones i started to add small splotchies and points and... stuff ( google-y skin brush, there are plenty of super nice and free brushes! ) The bigger "holes" got an extra tiny bevel and emboss to look like.. well... "holes"...

A few brush samples and one note: don't be scared to use blur!
The point is the variety!
Oh and change the layer's opacity too... here is the result:
Tee background: painting and painting... a lot of leaves. A few brush samples (ignore the lines, they are just there )
At the end i changed the contrast of the old tree, my director ( David) gave me this advice aaaaand he was right... as usual :) It is obvious i didn't pay too much attention to the obscured areas. Well, that is the way it is...
A quick note about the fairy, here is the second and first version, actually there was a "zero" version too.. but that was me as a beer fairy :D :D :D I WON'T POST IT I PROMISE!
Almost there: this is the image before the final refinement:
I created a quick depth map for the lens-blur, also a tiny enhancement, but i though it will be useful, oh and i switched to AE, for the last grading! ( i prefer to do it in AE )
And the final version!
So, that's it. I hope you like it, feel free to pm me if you have any questions, otherwise stay safe, take care and like my facebook page for weekly sketches and stuff :)

Ps: thanx to my wife for the makeup advices.. no... not for me, but for the image aaaand she also painted a few strokes... pink ones... what else <3 :D )

Spring Fairytale

Spring Fairytale

My latest artwork, this time only 2D.


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