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    A simple yet bold approach to tattoo removal.
A simple yet bold approach to tattoo removal.
Too Undo is a small boutique laser tattoo removal studio based in Belfast.
Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the pigment colours of the tattoo ink with a high-intensity light beam. This new identity system is based on the idea of progression and mimics the natural fading of the ink particles to communicate the tattoo removal process.
It is bold and fearless in its execution, and a brave decision was made to only use colour and no imagery to visualise the tattoo removal process. The goal was to create an identity that uses the power of colour to achieve instant recognition without logo or name.
The natural colour palette makes good use of gradients, stripes and patterns and is distinctive within its sector while functioning as a visual analogy for the tattoo removal process.
The logo expresses simplicity in its construction and is designed to reinforce the theme of progression; the lightweight of the ‘o’ character visually represents the shrinking of the ink within the removal process.
The use of white space across the collateral gives the identity a sense of clarity, quality and professionalism while the language emphasises the brands mission of making ink disappear.