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Ahwet el Set - Restaurant branding
Ahwet el Set
Lebanese restaurant branding

The challenge in this brand identity was to create a strong logo as well as a new concept in order to separate this restaurant from its many competitors located in the same street.

"Ahwet el Set" meaning the Woman's Restaurant had to have a type of its own thus a new typeface was created as well as an emblem in the shape of a flower, a jewel, a symbol of beauty representing women.

The concept inside consisted on including famous Arabic female artists such as singers & actresses very well known in the Arab world.

The concept was applied in the interior with two huge wallpapers on each of the two floors made out of an identity pattern which included portraits of the female artists as well as on different parts of the place such as the elevator the stairs etc...

Another application consisted on multi-visual place-mats each stating the biography of selected female artists in order to entertain the customers while waiting for their dishes.

Year: 2012

Ahwet el Set - Restaurant branding
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Sami Joe Mansour