The book of vokovisual poetry
When I started writing poetry and short texts, in the first time I did not imagine that Iwant to show somebody. I usually sentences running through the drawings in the formof visual element, as an addition to the drawing, never as something that carries theentire work. Before that I was a long time engaged in drawing a typewriter, which hasits limitations in the format, size, and at the same time with a beautiful filigree value,rhythm and great patience.

And so it came into existence or vokovizuel visual poetry (aterm introduced in the literature and history of art Vladan Radovanovic). Articles in thisbook were created by typing directly on the machine, are arranged chronologically. Thebook consists of White and Dark parts, between the two parts of the Transition, which isembossed on paper by backwater.
Texts dealing with the people around me, my thoughts and absurdities. The book has 60 sheets. The papers are mostly recycled bleached. Cover of the book is such that the book can always be separated or to supplement, not final. Art form that besides articles are repeats typographic characters, im such a form that no longer have a function, but the character of the new visula games

The book can browse through at this link :