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Customised trainers for local charity.
My Favourite Toy
Customised trainers from The Rusted Pixel: Ink.
Featuring more customised trainers from The Rusted Pixel: Ink. Way back when I decided to start customising trainers a really good mate, David O'Carroll gave me a pair of Vans to try customising. Too afraid to put paint to the Vans I started on cheaper trainers. Over time I became more confident in how to paint onto canvas and was unsure what to do with the Vans. Then I decided to customise the trainers for a good cause and try to raise money.

I chose KWWSPCA - Kildare and West Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Crulety to Animals. I have two dogs of my own, one of which is a rescue dog and I hate any sort of animal cruelty or negelect so felt this was a good cause.

The characters are four different breeds of dog and each with his or her favourite toy. The character design took about two days, I wanted to try a different style of drawing and went for a retro 1950's look where the character design is very simplistic in form.

The sketching and painting onto the Vans took around 12 hours. I decided to use browns, ochers and whites as the main colours then some punchy colours for the collars and toys. Once they were dry they were coated with a high gloss varnish and finally I took the trainers to my dogs favourite place to walk - the bog! I chose the bog as it had really rich earthy tones and textures which I love and thought it would really tie into the beige colour of the vans.

KWWSPCA do a really fantastic job helping to care for and rehome abused or abandoned animals. The trainers are for sale and all money raised will go on to help them contiune thier work. The Vans are a UK size 7 or an EU size 41.

KWWSPCA is a non-profit organisation and all donations are greatly appricated.