Roaat Regular
Khmer TrueType Font
Well, my newest project is a Khmer typeface. There are lots of Khmer typefaces out there, some have quite geometric shapes and thus seem to be a bit clunky. Some others use the Muol style what is normally used in headlines only. And then there are some fonts that reseble handwritten script. I wanted to create something different. That is, a slight italic typeface with clear forms and strokes to enhance its legibility also in smaller font sizes.

I am not a professional type designer and this project is rather just for fun. Thus, it will take some time for realization … so, stay tuned!
As you can see in the Specimen Sheet, nearly all the letters are done by now. But now comes the tricky part: I would like to make the font work on both PCs and Macs. But since Khmer is a veeery complex writing system, I haven't got any proper results so far in using OpenType and AAT features to make the font work correctly.
Subscript consonants.
Consonants and subscripts consonants (cont’d).
Independent vowels.
Dependent vowels.
Diacritics and Punctuation marks.
First steps in implementing typographic features.