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    Copy for high-end ceramics importer.
Festa / Fortunata
Copy for Italian Ceramics Collateral
Fortunata is a high-end ceramics company, bringing beautiful Italian pieces to the US market.
Working with my colleague Steve West at 68 Design, I wrote copy for a beautiful brochure.
Families gather, friends and neighbors are invited. A fine meal and wine is shared with all, while guests recount favorite stories and savor the joy of life. The occasion may be a wedding, a holiday, or simply an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. The atmosphere is casual, chic, and cheerful. This is a festa.

Fortunata brings the celebration to your home with our new Festa collection. With vibrant colors that cheer and a versatile design, Festa is durable and food safe. Invite your own family, your friends and your neighbors to share a memorable meal—introduce them to the festa tradition that will be passed down through the generations.
Tuscany is like no other place on earth, and its fine ceramics offer a centuries-old family tradition so rarely available today.

The very moment a visitor drives onto the winding backroads of Tuscany, the magic is unmistakable. Medieval walled towns sit atop the hills unchanged, other than the souls who live there, for centuries. Sunlight over the rolling countryside seems to transform the colors of reality into surreal pastel shades. This fertile scene has produced the finest wines and legendary art.

Of Italy’s twenty regions, Tuscany is best known for its landscapes and its artistic legacy. Considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, its artistic heritage remains strong as workshops foster handcrafted excellence. Each village has its own artisans, and each has a distinctive style that continues to evolve through the generations. The local ceramics facilities are family affairs – the older artisans teaching the younger ones ancient, secret techniques that will be passed down in turn to their children.

We were captivated by the bright ceramic ware of Tuscany, so we visited artists across the region until we found the top, most skilled artisans with which we collaborate today. Fortunata revisits each collection regularly: updating our timeless and modern colors, as well as the versatile and venerable designs.

Our designs and colors are bright, cheerful and inviting. This handcrafted work is marked by the slight color and size variations, making the pieces truly unique. The uneven glazing resulting from hand application has a heavily distressed, antique look. We have made these pieces to be available in limited quantity to ensure the quality remains superior.

Authentic Italian ceramics from Forutnata bring old world tradition into your home, with unparalleled quality and renowned artistry in both the classic and contemporary styles. Fortunata offers unique, creative, and varied collections that deliver the hallmarks of a direct import company.
When you select fine ceramics from Fortunata, you will enjoy their authentic, ancient Italian craftsmanship for years to come. For a decade, Fortuanta has worked with skilled artisans to offer the finest quality ceramics that capture the tradition, artistry, quality and charm of the ancient Tuscan workshops. Each piece has been created by hand, with clay and glaze combinations that have been handed down through generations to stand the test of time.

Authentic Italian culture. True Italian tradition. Real Italian quality. Bring fine Italian design into your home with Fortunata.