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    Award winning “10.10 – A DECADEnt Celebrat10n” direct mail campaign.
Zenith Design Group 10th Anniversary Campaign
Award Winning "10.10 – A DECADEnt Celebration" Direct Mail Series
Zenith Design Group celebrated its 10th anniversary during 2008. As part of this, the agency executed a monthly direct mail campaign demonstrating its core principles and creativity – based on words that included “io”/10. I provided copy for these mailings, which have been recognized with Create Awards, Davey Awards, and OBIE Awards, to name a few.
Please Allow Us to (Re)Introduce Ourselves.
We beg a moment of indulgence to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. As we enter our second decade, we invite you to take a second look at Zenith Design Group. We've come a long way int eh past 10 years, but it's nothing compared to where we're going. Over the next twelve months, we'll be showing off a bit, so keep an eye on your mailbox. We will be keeping ours on the horizon, looking forward to the decades ahead.
Turned on the message. In touch with impact. We at Zenith Design Group focus, innovate, and deliver ideas that make you want to lift the cover, untie the bow, and peek inside. Creativity is the spart that lights our fire. We make messages more enticing to linger longer on their minds. We burn with a zeal for all we do, for amazing results, for success. We believe in it and do it right... after all, it's our passion.
It isn't always pretty. But it's real. Emotion is primitive. It's raw. We experience it on an instinctive level. Powerful communication moves us, as this image surely compels a reaction in you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, one that evokes a reaction must be priceless. At Zenith Design Group, we create evocative messages that command attention, generate excitement - even raise an eyebrow (or two). What gets us emotional? Establishing strong, memorable brands that elicit intended reactions.
Every agency claims to think outside the box. Who wants to work with people who take pride in following the rules, rushing down the path most travelled? We don't, and we're guessing you don't, either. Advertising is everywhere; marketing is pervasive. It takes real innovation to be heard above the clamor. At Zenith Design Group, we don't just think outside the box. We shred the box.
As we embark upon this holiday season, Zenith Design Group is filled with deep appreciation. We are thankful for the partnerships both old and new that have engaged, challenged and inspired us to consistently create remarkable, compelling projects. These collaborative relationships have provided the Zenith team opportunities to grow, explore, and help our clients achieve real results. You have been essential to our success, and we're grateful to be a part of yours. From each of us at Zenith Design Group, we extend a sincere thank you.