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Code Name Geronimo - Titel Design


Code Name Geronimo  (Concept for Titel Design) 

Code Name Geronimo is a movie that chronicled the Abbottabad compound raid and the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011 by U.S. Navy Seals. In my opinion judging the movie, the real challenge of the Seal Team was to get visual and audio conformation that Osama bin Laden was actually located in the compound. 

I wanted to create an alternative title design using images from the movie relating to the topics of conflict, preparation, strategic power, combat, war and death. The overall design was built to reflect visual interface design, bad visual contact, bad reception and a vivid imagary to transport the message of uncertainty that was a big part in the movie. 

Images, Names, and Logos are intellectual property of the production companies Reel Chefs Catering, Voltage Pictures and The Weinstein Company. This is a concept and none of the screens and images that were used to create my design belong to me. 


Experiments and Lost Concepts

I wanted to share some frames from the design process with you. All of these images are experiments that didn't make it into my final version of the Titel Design. It was really fun experimenting around and trying out a lot of different styles before getting fixed on one version. 

Interface Elements  

Designing the Interface was a big part of this project and probably the most fun one. I made up most of the elements and used certain parts to recombine structures and build complex anatomy of interfaces. It was really interesting to see some elements work really well with screens from the movie and others that didn't work at all. All in all a lot of fun, hope you enjoy!

Code Name Geronimo - Titel Design

Code Name Geronimo - Titel Design

Code Name Geronimo // Concept for Titelsequence  Code Name Geronimo is a movie that chronicled the Abbottabad compound raid and the killing of O Read More