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    Special Edition Brew Label Bierkraft x Kelso Tenth Anniversary Imperial Stout
Special Edition Beer Label
Bierkraft x Kelso 10th Anniversary Imperial Stout
Friends at local purveyor of craft beers, Bierkraft, invited me to design the label for a special 10th Anniversary edition Imperial Stout. I was so excited to work for them that I initially went off of my own ideas, without a brief. 
This was the first mockup of my illustrated label.
What Bierkraft owners had in mind was something more pared down, focusing on the logos of the project partners; however, we agreed on printing on brown craft paper with dark inks. 
Here's the final edition.
I received good advice from a mentor, who told me to reach out immediately to your client directly to get a clear idea of what they want. Instead, I intentionally experimented on the front end of this assignment, to see where my creativity took me. While the final design is a departure from what I had pitched, it pleased the owners. Also, it was an experience dealing with the certification process for an alcoholic beverage label in the States; intially, the board took issue with a font I used for the official language that must appear on every alcoholic beverage label.
The sunny back patio at Bierkraft, pay them a visit if you're in Park Slope!